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Integrated student documentation
  • Social emotional data
  • Behavior intervention monitoring
  • Academic intervention analysis
Forms completed by educators
in Aware

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Key Features

Streamline your student monitoring processes with user-friendly tools and centralized access for support teams and administrators - minimize redundant data input and maximize up-to-date access essential for informed decision-making. Eduphoria's student monitoring tools help provide targeted support for student's academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs.

  • Customizable student monitor groups
  • Data analysis tied to student groups
    and student forms
  • Historical data connected to student profiles
  • Community of student forms

Educators create monitor groups for many purposes, including tracking academic and social-emotional learning. Whether compliance, diagnostic, or performance, the ability to designate groups and monitor them over time is necessary. Eduphoria's customizable monitor groups allow educators to analyze a specific student population based on their particular needs: easily filter assessments and data views, view and compare group data over time, mass-assign forms, and more. Support student monitoring with our integrated programs that link opportunities for educator growth and student achievement: Aware and Strive.

Student forms enable educators to capture and communicate student needs, monitor progress and performance over time, and capture documentation for a variety of purposes like MTSS or PGPs. The Aware Student Forms Community provides a space for both Eduphoria-made samples and user-created forms. This community facilitates district collaboration as educators can create and share forms that others can import and use for their district.

At any point during the monitoring process a student form can be brought into a dataview in order to analyze if student intervention is effective. Filtering by a student form allows a granular view of student progress overtime.

Educators can group students based on specific strengths, needs, or similarities. From there educators can monitor academic progress, track social emotional health, and support compliance needs. Further support student monitoring with our integrated applications that link opportunities for educator growth to student achievement: Aware and Strive.

As the MTSS Coordinator, I like that Aware forms allow us to document our RTI meetings as well as the accommodations we are implementing for each RTI-identified student. This allows our campus teams to be as successful as they can be.

Robin Talbert
MTSS Coordinator, Lubbock ISD

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