Develop curriculum, activities and instruction

Forethought is an intuitive, yet powerful, curriculum and activity editor that makes the process of creating and updating your resources fast and easy. Create lessons with a fully-featured, teacher-friendly planner that directly integrates with district resources and state standards.

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An application that adapts to you

Forethought features dynamic construction and editing tools to create a living, breathing curriculum. Educators can adjust instruction and the flow of content to meet the demands of the school year.

Comment, collab and approve

Teacher configured team planners empower collaboration through a common workspace. Improved communication with easy access to the scope and sequence ensures a common conversation that brings PLC and planning meetings to the next level. Integration with Aware also ensures the planning meeting extends into assessment writing and common assessment practices with direct curriculum access.

Integrate across the entire district

Seamlessly integrate curriculum content, activities, and instruction across a school district into the lesson planning process. Easy access to scope and sequence during the planning process creates a common conversation across teams to ensure a unified instructional focus.

Better together

Our apps pair together to support student and educator growth. Portfolios connect student progress to professional development, intertwining student and teacher success. Learners show their content mastery through Aware assessments, and teachers use that data to make informed decisions about pedagogy and practice.