Our wonderful partners

We partner with a variety of companies to integrate useful tools and applications with our software.

Purchasing Partners

The Interlocal Purchasing System
The EdTech Exchange
Central Texas Purchasing Alliance
Educational Purchasing Coop of North Texas
ESCcc Service Centers

Regional ESC Partners

The Education Service Center Curriculum Cooperative (ESCcc) partnership with Eduphoria was established in 2010. The ESCcc extends purchasing services for Eduphoria’s suite of tools. Our current members of the ESCcc collaborative include Regions 1-6, 8-15, and 17-20.

Data Integration

Serving over 800 school districts, lead4ward is an essential partner in supporting the success of schools. lead4ward anticipates and integrates the changing needs of schools, maintaining a focus of professional learning, engaging instruction, and meaningful assessment. The partnership between Eduphoria and lead4ward has expanded over the past few years to include a variety of specially designed data visualizations and reports in Aware that are compatible with lead4ward’s leading learning series and the many other amazing resources and tools.

Assessment scanning

Item banks

We have formed partnerships with reputable companies to seamlessly integrate their item banks into Aware. Your test writers and assessment designers will be able to efficiently create quality, valid tests with the available integrated partner items banks.

The Mastery Item Bank (formerly Navigate Item Bank) contains 94,000 robust test items (69,000 of which are correlated to TX standards), rich learning metadata, and the most updated standards alignment, curated by a team of subject-matter experts. Subjects covered include K-12 Math and ELA, 3-12 Science, and 5-12 Social Studies. Test items are searchable by cognitive level and are available in a variety of types, including constructed response and 20,000 Spanish translated items.

TEKSbank includes more than 45,000 high-quality assessment items developed and aligned to the TEKS. The questions are based on in-depth analysis of TEKS, STAAR released items, and assessment best practices. The bank includes items for grades 2-12. English and Spanish items are included in Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies. All items have been content proofed and contain cognitive and procedural rigor standards.

TX Test Maker contains over 65,000 items written to the most recent TEKS, matching the formatting and rigor of the STAAR™. Content is available for Reading Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. TX Test Maker includes over 14,000 non-multiple choice items and over 11,000 Spanish trans-adapted items. The rigorous content-creation process and input from Texas educators helps ensure content validity. TX Test Maker is a living item bank with new items added on a regular basis.

Non-multiple choice question types available:

  • Equation Editor
  • Text Entry
  • Inline Choice
  • Hot Text
  • Multipart
  • Multiselect
  • Short Constructed Response
  • Extended Constructed Response
  • Graphing
  • Number Line
  • Hot Spot
  • Drag and Drop
  • Match Table Grid