Give educators a breakthrough

Our integrated apps assist in every aspect of the school day, from lesson planning to monitoring student progress, streamlining administrative duties, and providing a collaborative platform for education professionals.

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Comprehensive tools for districts and educators


Aware is an enhanced system for simplifying test construction, administering assessments, and analyzing student progress.


Strive will not only facilitate all of your logistical needs, but will intuitively integrate staff evaluation, goal setting, and PLC collaboration.


This intuitive, yet powerful, curriculum and activity editor makes the process of creating and updating your resources fast and easy.

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Plan. Analyze. Improve.

Our tools are built to morph and adapt to the needs of educators. Real-time data allows for goal setting, curriculum adjustments and professional development all in one ecosystem. All supported by your peers for maxium outcome.

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Having all the data from Strive has made us more successful and held us to a higher standard as educators
Julie Smith
School Admin

Decisions made simple with data

Curriculum management, professional development, and assessment analytics meet to optimize the experience of students and teachers, highlight areas for growth, and provide important data to inform evidence-based decisions about pedagogy and curriculum content.

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