Products that reinforce your success in the classroom

Our powerful suite of tools synthesize the essentials of education: instructing, learning, and assessing.

Our objective: empower educators

Curriculum management, professional development, and assessment analytics meet to optimize the experience of students and teachers, highlight areas for growth, and provide important data to inform evidence-based decisions about pedagogy and curriculum content.

Our applications, connected, and comprehensive


Data analysis in a dynamic reporting engine, with options to save as static reports unique to your district.

  • District, campus, teacher, and team tests
  • Immediate access to data with customizable views
  • Plain paper and online test administration
  • District and campus-created student forms for monitoring
  • Online assessment platform, Interactive Items, Student Supports, LockDown browser
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Facilitate the transformation of disconnected evaluation procedures into a comprehensive, growth focused program.

  • Evaluation process and professional growth framework
  • Custom or state-specific support • Observations, evaluations, and data analysis
  • Teacher portfolio and PD tracking
  • Facilitate communication between educators and coaches
  • Conference builder and course management for professional learning
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Plan lessons that unify and align district-wide instructional components.

  • Reporting for student expectations and instructional strategies
  • Collaborative lesson planning for team teaching
  • District and campus resource sharing
  • Support tools for teachers
  • Archiving for lesson plan reuse
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Apps for extra strength


Automate district and public forms and surveys with advanced workflows to route information to the right personnel. The powerful custom form builder allows district and campus staff to generate the right form to meet each need. Intuitive reporting or spreadsheet exports allows for all form results to be analyzed or exported.


Create a single access point for multiple departments, staff can report the various problems they encounter in one place. Combined with independently customized options and dynamic reporting for each department, Helpdesk is a powerful tool for any K-12 technology, maintenance, or instructional department.

Facilities & Events

A consolidated tool to manage both school inventory and facilities, and create dynamic usage reports. Districts gain valuable insight on resource allocation, while teachers can reserve and utilize rooms and school materials with ease.