Assess, analyze, and monitor student progress

Simplify test construction, assessments, and student progress. Make proper instructional decisions with Aware. A powerful, dynamic analysis engine that empowers teachers and district personnel alike. Aware can analyze multiple indicators of student success, enabling teachers to illuminate a student’s experience in the classroom.

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Simple, powerful test construction

Assessment results are only as good as the tests administered. Educators need a powerful workflow process to create, vet, and refine quality assessment items. By integrating locally constructed and third party item banks with a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get interface, Aware ensures the test construction process is intuitive yet powerful.

Instant, friendly test results

Easily create district, school, and teacher assessments with instant access to results. Robust plain paper scanning, student friendly online testing, and third party devices can be used to collect student responses. With plain paper scanning, student responses can be reviewed before uploading to ensure the most accurate data collection possible.

Data at your fingertips

State test results, local test results, and imported assessments are analyzed and comparable in a unified, dynamic interface. Use custom monitor groups to create specific collections of students to empower decision making. When all points of student success and information are unified into a single dynamic analysis engine, only then can educators make the best decisions for each student.

Student Monitoring

Comprehensive student portfolios are populated with roster data, assessment results, and intervention documentation to paint the complete picture of a student's progress. District built student forms enable multiple documentation pathways to converge.

Super Powered

Aware features a dynamic and intuitive data analysis engine that is designed around the inquisitive nature of educators. The application never mandates defaults, instead allowing for the creation of district and campus templates as starting points for an individual approach.

Better together

Our apps pair together to support student and educator growth. Portfolios connect student progress to professional development, intertwining student and teacher success. Learners show their content mastery through Aware assessments, and teachers use that data to make informed decisions about pedagogy and practice.