Go beyond registration, reporting and logistics

Strive combines the two sides of professional growth: evaluation and learning opportunities. Strive facilitates all of your logistical needs, integrating staff evaluation, goal setting, and PLC collaboration with professional learning logistics.

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Easily customize appraisals & goals

 Strive offers a complete appraisal system with professional frameworks, customizable evaluation forms and processes, and goals. Appraisers and appraisees are able to work in partnership through feedback and coaching features for genuine professional growth.

Along with Strive professional and student growth goal options, personalized professional learning planning can be developed collaboratively with instructional leaders and tracked through locally-developed courses and conferences.

Built for everyone

Strive provides an intuitive and innovative course management system that supports the myriad of professional development avenues for educators. Each course will be a collection of activities including face-to-face training, online content, discussion forums, and demonstration of learning. This flexibility in course construction allows for innumerable combinations of hybrid courses to facilitate any learning need.

Reporting done right, every time

Strive uses a powerful reporting engine to meet all of the typical reporting needs such as registration, attendance, and credit acquisition. Campus leaders can also use Strive's dynamic, real-time reporting for educator goals and portfolios to support educators in need.

Comprehensive learning plans

Strive consolidates objectives from school districts, campuses, teams, and individual educators to create comprehensive professional learning plans. Using these goals as a lens, educators have a powerful tool for finding ideal learning opportunities that best suits their needs.

Better together

Our apps pair together to support student and educator growth. Portfolios connect student progress to professional development, intertwining student and teacher success. Learners show their content mastery through Aware assessments, and teachers use that data to make informed decisions about pedagogy and practice.