Teacher collaboration leads
to student success

Engage in the power of teacher teams.
Educators working together improves
student outcomes
  • Peer-reviewed assessments
  • Collective data analysis
  • Cross-subject student monitoring
  • Team Lesson planning
of teachers do not have sufficient collaboration with peers

Get Immediate Students results that drive instructional action

  • Teachers are in control
  • Personalized testing experience
  • Students receive immediate feedback


Online tests in 2022 in Aware

Key Features

Collaboration enables teachers to learn from one another, exchange best practices, and identify effective approaches to address different learning styles and challenges in the classroom. Additionally, when teachers work collaboratively, they can provide consistent support to students across subjects, leading to better overall academic performance and social development.

  • Team Teacher Assessments
  • Collaborate on data disaggregation
  • Interpret student misconceptions
  • Create a shared action plan

Teachers are able to cross collaboration on the creation and delivery of assessments. Team Tests Overview (OHG).

Teacher collaboration is of utmost importance in the education landscape, as it fosters an enriching and supportive learning environment for both educators and students alike.

Collaboration enhances professional growth, as educators can engage in reflective discussions, receive constructive feedback, and constantly refine their instructional techniques.

Teacher collaboration not only promotes a cohesive educational community but also lays the foundation for nurturing well-rounded, engaged, and successful learners.

The flexibility and thoroughness in data available after an assessment is unmatched by any other platform. 
Data availability made possible by Aware allows stakeholders at all levels to make informed decisions to improve student achievement.

Christine Pujol & Kathy Turner
Assessment and Accountability, Klein ISD

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