All students deserve to be heard

Student feedback leads to achievement.
Giving and receiving feedback is a crucial element for student success
  • Gauge student learning within assessments
  • Evaluate students' task completion through rubrics
  • Guide student goal setting using constructive feedback
Feedback is one of the top 10 influences on student achievement.

- John Hattie

Get Immediate Students results that drive instructional action

  • Teachers are in control
  • Personalized testing experience
  • Students receive immediate feedback


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Key Features

Student feedback is an essential tool for enhancing learning experiences. It grants teachers the ability to gauge the effectiveness of teaching methods, curriculum, and educational materials. By comprehending what resonates with students and what doesn't, educators can modify their approach to align with student needs and preferences.
This vital information paves the way for creating a more productive and tailored learning environment, allowing for continual improvement in education.

  • Student score summary review
  • Student confidence
  • Student accessibility
  • Student notepad tool

Students have the opportunity to view the learning standards associated with each question as well as their assessment results during a specific designated time frame. This transparency helps students align their studies with the educational objectives, enhancing their academic performance and aiding in successful learning. Whether it's a quiz, test, or standardized exam, our educational platform prioritizes student growth, comprehension, and achievement.

With the innovative Student Confidence Tool, students can now engage more dynamically in the learning process by offering direct feedback to their teachers. Specifically related to each question on their assessments, this tool fosters better communication between students and educators. By understanding student perspectives, teachers can tailor their teaching strategies, thus enhancing the educational experience.

With accessibility tools, students who require special accommodations can customize their testing experience to ensure they have the best chance of success. Options such as adjustable screen magnification, customizable color combinations, and question review features help in creating a comfortable and efficient environment for every learner. This not only aids in inclusion but also promotes a more engaging and effective educational experience.

Students today can leverage a powerful notepad tool designed to enhance their learning experience during assessments. This advanced tool isn't limited to merely taking notes; it allows students to demonstrate innovative learning strategies, articulate their rationale, and provide justifications during the test remediation process.

I love taking my tests in Aware because I can see my results after I take a test. I like knowing what questions I got right and wrong. I also like the tools that are available like the dictionary and it’s way better than what I use to take my STAAR test.

Maylee N.
5th Grade Student, Crestview Elementary

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In 2011 John Hattie PhD contributed to a publication by Sutton, Hornsey & Douglas about Feedback, communication of praise, criticism and advice.


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The purpose of feedback in the assessment and learning process is to improve a student’s performance - not put a damper on it.  It is essential that the process of providing feedback is a positive, or at least a neutral, learning experience for the student. 

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