Transforming compliance training into an innovative, interactive experience

May 18, 2023
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Every year, it seems as if there is more regulatory and compliance training to be completed. Whether online or print, we participate in these specific training opportunities because we have to. And do our best to do the minimum. For those of us who create the compliance training modules, there is equal disdain. These trainings are often designed for the masses, and not as engaging or visually appealing as an individualized learning experience.

It is a conundrum how compliance training does not seem to take into account the learner’s experience, even though this is where it needs to be the most engaging to avoid risk.

Here are some ideas for transforming compliance training into an innovative, interactive experience:

1. Participants need to know what to do.

Instead of focusing on knowledge, focus on behavior. Provide more information to the learners so they know what to do. Learners need to know how to apply the compliance training, not just memorize the bullet points. Case studies and stories provide behavioral strategies for applying what they are learning for use in the workplace, and keep the audience engaged.

2. Utilize assessment tools more effectively.

Assessments are often used only to validate knowledge transfer, but they could also be used to identify risks. This makes the assessment actionable by creating a starting point for operational planning to monitor and allocate resources for further training and support. It may also reduce the amount of recurring annual compliance topics by turning the focus on identified risks. This will save time and resources for the compliance training topics.

3. Use this as an opportunity to promote your brand.

Consider the experience of someone new coming to your district and participating in a compliance course. Compliance training is a great way to establish your professional learning services brand because it introduces what you and your team can provide to your staff. Put on your marketing hat and use your best designs, interactions, and experiences to build a great course. Compliance training is usually serious stuff but there is always room for a little bit of humor and fun to increase engagement.

4. Use your users.

When was the last time you asked for feedback about compliance training? To be more impactful, consider getting participant feedback and building case stories using their actual experiences. This will make the training personalized when you incorporate real participants.

Using these strategies goes beyond just adding innovation to compliance training; it also demonstrates your advocacy for the user’s experience.

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