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May 18, 2023
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Ed Cunningham

We had some great conversations with folks at our booth at TASA Midwinter. I hope everyone that had a chance to see Strive is excited about it.

Something that resonated in the conversations this week was our concepts of Learning and Doing Actions. The goal statement is fated to end up like many of our New Year’s resolutions if we don’t handle action-planning properly. In Strive, a teacher is able to plan any number of Learning and Doing Actions during the life of the Professional Goal to make it happen.


  • Goal - This year I will do better at all the things.
  • Learning Action - Enroll in course being offered called “Improving at Some of the Things” (connection to what used to be Workshop!).
  • Doing Action - Met with my team to discuss my takeaways from the course. Attached a note as evidence: suggestion from a colleague to read a relevant book she had in her graduate studies.
  • Learning Action: Read a few chapters from the book The Things and How to Improve Them.
  • Doing Action: My principal sets a meeting with me to discuss the book. We reflect that maybe I will fall short of my goal, but that I am making good progress.

I love the potential here for teachers and their instructional leaders to collaborate on their goals to make them succeed or to even reflect on barriers to success. We want Strive to be a safe place for real professional growth, where goal-setting can be honest and include meaningful self-evaluation.

If you want to learn more, please visit our booth at TCEA or The Assessment Conference (both in Austin)!

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