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Our assessment platform empowers students to showcase their learning.
Get immediate student results that drive instructional action
  • Teachers are in control
  • Students receive immediate feedback
  • Students voice their reflections during testing
Online tests in Aware this school year

Get Immediate Students results that drive instructional action

  • Teachers are in control
  • Personalized testing experience
  • Students receive immediate feedback


Online tests in 2022 in Aware

Key Features

Online assessments offer several substantial benefits in K-12 education that enhance the learning experience for both teachers and students. They provide immediate feedback, allowing educators to identify areas of weakness and tailor instruction accordingly for improved learning outcomes.

  • 15 Interactive question types
  • Customizable online testing interface
  • Student testing supports
  • Comprehensive data analysis

Experience the power of technology with interactive items. Interactive item types go beyond standard multiple-choice or constructed-response formats, offering specialized interactions to gather response data. With a selection of 15 interactive types, Eduphoria empowers teachers to extend beyond the state online testing experience by providing flexibility and scoring options. See the interactive question types.

A transformative navigation experience. This student testing experience mimics accessibility tools aligned to the state testing platform, allowing students to be comfortable with the use of each tool to demonstrate their learning.

Innovation that impacts student outcomes. Online testing allows educators to set accommodations to meet their student's needs. Eduphoria provides a number of navigational tools and supports to enable students to demonstrate their learning, such as: text-to-speech, content clarifiers, spelling assistance, calculators, speech-to-text, and a Spanish interface.

Educators need the right answers - right now. Go beyond basic reports with interactive data visuals, detailed item analysis, depth of knowledge exploration, side-by-side evaluations, and more. Eduphoria delivers comprehensive data analysis and reporting to help educators draw conclusions faster.

Eduphoria is one of the few platforms out there that enables an online testing experience that closely mirrors the state testing experience.

Randy Wuensche
Director of Assessment, Brazosport ISD

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