Elevating the
Evaluation Process

Our platform empowers districts to tailor their evaluation process, aligning it with unique needs and initiatives
Collect Actionable Data
  • Identify coaching needs
  • Align appraisers
  • Set professional and student growth goals
  • Provide timely and informed feedback
1.5 Million
evaluations performed in Strive each year

Get Immediate Students results that drive instructional action

  • Teachers are in control
  • Personalized testing experience
  • Students receive immediate feedback


Online tests in 2022 in Aware

Key Features

Take control of every facet of the evaluation journey, from empowering self-reflection and goal setting, conducting insightful observations, tracking student growth, to harnessing the power of growth data.  With our platform, you can center your focus on purposeful discussions about educator practice, making the evaluation process seamless
and effective.

  • Customizable evaluation
  • Growth goals
  • Overview and activity tracker
  • Summative panel

Create a detailed, step-by-step, evaluation process with a customized evaluation framework for all staff.

Utilize Strive’s interactive Professional and Student Growth Goals which provide a space for an approval process, coaching conversations, action steps, and collection of evidence.

Access real-time, interactive data to assist appraisers with managing daily tasks and responsibilities.

Consider the entire body of work when making summative decisions by viewing the summative panel.  Drag and drop allows for easy combining
of evidence.

We use Strive for staff evaluations at all levels: it's easy for our appraisers to navigate, our employees feel comfortable setting and submitting goal measures, reviewing feedback, and receiving reports, and our supervisors can access a variety of reports that support their work.

Jacob Cortez
Executive Director of Accountability and Continuous Improvement, Richardson ISD

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